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Chapter Overview


The Foundation

Anything worth building always starts with the foundation. In this chapter we will cover how to establish the right process, laying the groundwork and what personnel to assign.

Sourcing Cars

Sourcing the vehicles is the lifeblood that makes buying cars off the street a reality. We will discuss the importance of a CRM and some best practices to implement in your strategy.

Buying Cars

Once the vehicles are sourced we want to set you up for success actually closing these deals. In this chapter we will cover the necessary mindset, three steps to a purchase and how to handle objections and follow up.

Key Practices

Once your team has all the basics in place it's time to go over the details and refine the process. We will give you some advanced tips like adding Dealer Trade Drivers to the mix, how to pay your people, example phone calls and most importantly how to scale this operation over time.

Chapter 1: The Foundation

Lesson 1.1: Establishing a Process

In this video, we highlight the necessary steps to establish a process as well as other key strategies to implement a solid foundation for buying cars off the street.

Lesson 1.2: The Groundwork

We wish buying cars from private sellers was as easy as picking up the phone, but there are a few questions that need answering beforehand. What cars are we going to target, how many cars we expect to purchase, and our overall goal with our vehicle acquisition strategy?

Lesson 1.3: Assign Personnel

After we establish a process, we need to find a dedicated buyer. Don't forget to download the PDF below it contains a checklist of everything we covered in this chapter.
Download the VETTX Checklist PDF

Chapter 2: Sourcing Vehicles

Lesson 2.1: Importance of a CRM

This lesson is just a quick intro before we hop into the VETTX software. VETTX is more than a tool to help you find cars, it’s a tool to help you organize and manage potential customers as well.

Lesson 2.2: VETTX Software Walkthrough

We made this video so you can access it at any time whenever you have questions about the functionality of the software. This is just a basic walk-through, next lesson we dive a little deeper.

Lesson 2.3: VETTX Best Practices

Here are our best practices for buying cars with the VETTX platform. Make sure to download the PDF under the video for our efficient workflow from A-Z.
Download the VETTX Workflow PDF

Chapter 3: Buying Cars

Lesson 3.1: Necessary Mindset

Buying private party is different than buying at the auction, here’s why.

Lesson 3.2: Three Steps to a Purchase

Our three steps to a purchase include: establishing transparency, vetting the vehicle, and getting the buy-it-now price. Below are our exact word tracks we teach our buyers!
Download the VETTX Standard Word Tracks PDF

Lesson 3.3: Overcoming Objections

I’m this video we give you our secret to overcoming any objection you will come across when buying a private party. Remember to download the objections  PDF below.
Download the VETTX Objections PDF

Lesson 3.4: Follow Up

Follow-up is half the battle. Here's our proven strategy for success.

Chapter 4: Coming Soon

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