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How To Source Used Cars For Your Dealership?

July 22, 2021

The auto Industry is constantly changing with more established players fighting for a more aggressive and modern dealership. Sourcing used vehicles, in particular, has undergone a transformation, with many big players exploring the benefits of buying private party vehicles.

Purchasing vehicles from private party sellers have tons of advantages for dealerships. One of the biggest is that it helps you tap into your local market and build relationships with potential customers you might not have otherwise come in contact with. In time, these sellers could turn into buyers. And when they do, they will most likely come to your dealership to do business.

Sourcing Used Vehicles

Trade-ins are a vital source of inventory for dealerships of all sizes. Tapping into the private party market can help you expand your customer base and secure more trade-ins in the future. But there are other methods, too. This post will explore some creative ways to secure more trade-ins for your dealership. 

Database Information

Customer information in the buying and selling market is vital since they communicate information related to your sales transaction, products (cars), and customer profiles.  Car dealers have opted for a database as an option for storing information of anyone who visits the showroom in search of cars or has such general knowledge about vehicles such that if such a customer appears, they are able to pull out such information upon request.

This helps dealers reach directly to clients on their preference and offers available and also on the new trends.

Insurance Company Partnership

Often, at times, customers have lacked trust when dealing with car dealers, due to purported tricks some car dealers use in business. Partnering with an Insurance Company helps secure more private sellers and build their trust since the company has reliable information of all clients willing to trade for new inventory.

Building Good Rapport

Establishing a good relationship with the community is vital. Most clients around the community always believe in car dealers who have a great reputation. As a car dealer, there is a need to make sure clients see you as someone who is always honest and trustworthy instead of being only a profit-oriented person.

Communication Method

Car dealers have devised ways of how they can reach out to new clients as well as maintain their existing ones. Dealers no longer rely heavily on showrooms but have created ways in which, if their clients are interested in upgrading their cars to new inventory, arrangements can be made for them to be delivered to them, how they can be advised on the best models on the market, how to take care of their cars and, in case an issue is encountered how quickly it will be addressed to a customer's satisfaction.

Streamlined Documentation

Good processes involving paperwork are something that many dealers don't like. This documentation enhances trust and professionalism in trade-in business. Dealership offers facts upfront and ensures the car is in good condition and without a faulty engine system or other parts.

The Ultimate Used Car Acquisition Tool

For dealerships, buying cars from private sellers is a great way to connect with potential customers in your local area. Often, private sellers that you have done business with will visit your dealership to make a purchase in the future. Contact us today to take a loOKat how VETTX can help expand your used car inventory. 

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