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Our innovative, private party acquisition platform is the industry-leading tool for dealerships to buy vehicles directly from consumers.

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We help car dealerships acquire a steady stream of used car inventory without going to auctions or chasing down for-sale-by-owner leads.

What We Do

Data Enrichment Team

The VETTX Data Enrichment Team is a group of professionals that will fill in the blanks on the leads in your market and evaluate each vehicle using industry standard tools. They will also run the CarFax and AutoCheck on vehicles with a VIN or license plate.

VETTX Market Scan

The beauty of our service is that it's not a one size fits all solution. We tailor the software parameters to your specific needs as a dealership and only put cars that actually make sense for your product mix on your dashboard.

Easy to use CRM

The VETTX platform allows you to manage your leads seamlessly without a complicated interface. The platform allows you to keep track of your notes and know exactly when your appointments are coming in.

Full Support Team

VETTX has a whole team here to help you walk, run then sprint when it comes to buying off the private party market. The team is here to support your needs as a dealer to ensure your success acquiring inventory.
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Master vehicle acquisition on the private party market.

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