In a quick snapshot, VETTX dealers can have an accurate live market view of used car opportunities and pricing in real time. No need to have in-house bookers or have your BDC team waste time on vetting.

VETTX Artificial Intelligence

Streamlined Workflow

The most time-consuming and tedious part of the private party vehicle acquisition process is now streamlined with our AI Assistant. Say goodbye to manually:

  • Opening every listing looking for the Vin or Contact info
  • Booking every car to get an idea of price
  • Vetting the car fax just to find out if it's a dealer listing, rebuilt motor, etc
AI Enrichment helps provide more data around cars and sellers
Industry Leading Integrations

Daily Deal Suggestions

Through integrations through CDK Global and other leading DMS Systems, our AI will pre-determine the deals that make the best business sense for your store.

A showcase of potential car deals


Unlock a world of opportunities and profitability by acquiring vehicles directly from private sellers – increase your margins, access better inventory, and build lasting customer relationships.

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Better Inventory

Faster turn

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Stronger Margins

3x Front End Gross

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4 Revenue Streams

Front-end, back-end, Service, and Future buyers.

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Reduced Acquisition Costs

Up to 84% less than competitors

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Do it from your desk

Never attend an auction again.

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Trend Insights

Recognition of trends and market performance.

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Growing Client Base

Increasing network for future opportunities

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Brand Awareness

Promoting your presence in the community.

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Controlling the Market

Reducing the risk of losing deals to private sellers.

See it in Action

Discover how VETTX can supercharge your vehicle buying center. Schedule a free strategy call with our experts today and take the first step towards dominating your market.

2019 Toyota Tacoma sold with over $4000 ROI