Our Story

At VETTX, our mission is clear: To give dealerships the tools to take back their markets and dominate their competition. The private party market isn't going anywhere and those who join it will win and those who fight it will lose, it's that simple. We want to help dealerships win this fight against industry giants and the ever-growing private party market. 

Our Story

Nick Patterson, our CEO, was the Used Car Manager for a dealership in northern California. He grew tired of having to deal with the auction and missing out on deals happening right under his nose via private sellers. He teamed up with Internet Manager, Ryan Dietz, and together they created a basic tool to aggregate listings across all major platforms. They hired a couple of buyers to work the leads and before they knew it, they were buying dozens of unique, fast-turning, high ROI units, adding millions of dollars in gross to the store. 

They understood the direction the market was heading and knew that one day every dealership in America would need an in-house buying center dedicated to street purchases. At this time, there was literally not a single product in the market that helped dealers acquire cars off private marketplaces, or if there was, it wasn’t even worth trying. They decided to take the leap and just like that, VETTX was born. 

Fast forward almost 10 years and VETTX is literally one of the hottest vendors in the space. If you are looking to take back control of your market, compete with industry giants, and add millions in gross per year, then let us help you build or scale a sustainable strategy for buying cars directly from private sellers. Get a free market quote and start buying cars in as little as one week!

The VETTX office in Chico CaliforniaJennifer Torres on CBT News
The People

Our Leadership Team

Nick Patterson


Ran one of the largest used car departments in Northern California where VETTX was born.

Corey Abel


Managed full cycle business operations of a $27M Ford dealership, with 20+ years of experience in the industry.

Conner Windust

Director of Sales

Sales funnel and campaign expert with record-breaking sales success.

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2019 Toyota Tacoma sold with over $4000 ROI