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Tips for Using Car Dealer Inventory Software

February 12, 2021

As a dealer, you always need to know the right kinds of vehicles to stock in your shop to make sure that you attract customers. These unique requirements are the ones that make it necessary to have effective car dealer inventory software. The following are tips that suggest how you can use the inventory software to help improve your inventory management.


stocking used car inventory

Control of Your Inventory

Getting control of your stock means that you have to control the number and types of vehicles you have in inventory in your shop. This means controlling the number of cars you purchase and monitoring the rate at which the cars are being sold. This strategy will help you to avoid running out of stock of lucrative brands and or overstocking less lucrative brands. Having the correct brands of cars in such a business is the key to keep your inventory moving. 

Sharing Your Stock 

An effective inventory management system would allow you to share your stock with other dealers that deal with the same variety of vehicles. Sharing your stock will help you move your stock of new cars by increasing these new vehicles' exposure. Just be sure not to share your stock with dealers close to you geographically to avoid increasing competition for your own business. 



Evaluating Your Sales Platform and Website

Inventory management has a lot to do with your car dealership website's effectiveness and the other selling platforms you use. With an effective inventory system, you will have the ability to access your website and evaluate how effectively you plan to reach your customers. It would help if you kept in mind that the customers do their preliminary research on the internet before making their purchases. Thus, to make sure you harvest all the potential buyers, you must make sure these potential customers stay on our page for as long as possible instead of shifting off to your competitors' websites. 

Optimizing Your Prices

You must select the best prices in the market for your car deals. Having the right prices will enable you to gain an advantage over your competitors and, at the same time, maintain the viability of your business. The useful inventory management software will allow you to view your current prices and compare them with the market to determine if you have to make any adjustments. 

VETTX Software for Car Dealers

VETTX has a simplified platform that is easy to use and will enable you to expand your used car inventory within less than two weeks. Using VETTX provides you with unique features such as an easy-to-use platform, a dedicated booking team, in-depth analytics for performance, and dedicated support from the developers' team. Contact us today and schedule your demo to transform your car dealership inventory.


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