What Is Private-Party Acquisition Software & The NIADA Conference ‘23?

May 15, 2023

What Is Private-Party Acquisition Software & The NIADA Conference ‘23?

Attendees of NIADA Accelerate Convention and Expo 2023, the largest expo in the independent auto industry, have an exclusive opportunity to see how VETTX car dealership software can increase their revenue by millions of dollars per year.

VETTX is the innovative, private-party acquisition software that’s considered the future of vehicle acquisition. The used-car software buying platform is fast becoming the industry-leading tool to enable dealerships to buy vehicles directly from consumers, and the software will be a drawcard at NIADA when the convention and expo happen in Las Vegas from June 19–22.

Here is what NIADA Accelerate Convention and Expo 2023 visitors can see in action from VETTX as part of its personalized 1-on-1 demos.

What Is Private-Party Acquisition Software?

The purpose of this software is to identify used vehicles from private sellers that match your criteria, collect constant information, and run a history report on the car. The VETTX vehicle acquisition network ensures you’re never stuck with overpriced vehicles from auction houses.

How Does the Car-Buying Tool Work?

To buy a car, VETTX software covers all bases. First, it searches the for-sale-by-owner market. Our private-party acquisition software pulls qualified private seller listings in your local market based on what you’re looking for. We pull our leads from all major sources and compile them into one easy-to-use software.

Then, our Data Enrichment Team takes care of your homework for you. VETTX books out every vehicle using industry-standard tools that make sense in your market. We also run a CARFAX on every possible vehicle, and pull every phone number and email available from each vehicle ad.

With our software seamlessly working for you, all that’s left is for you to work the deal. Once we know the vehicle is a solid match, our platform keeps your team organized and focused on low-hanging fruit in your market. You’ll save time and boost efficiency when buying from the for-sale-by-owner market.

NIADA visitors will get to learn all details about VETTX private-party acquisition software and how it can rapidly but reliably expand used car inventory. 

How Is The Software Matched to Your Dealership?

VETTX is a dealership support service that does as much as you need us to; we can provide anything from a single tool to a complete, dedicated booking team that takes care of every deal for you. 

The beauty of the VETTX vehicle acquisition network is that it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. The car dealer software parameters are tailored to your specific dealership needs and only cars that are a fit for your product mix are added to your dashboard.

NIADA patrons will learn about the VETTX approach to serving dealerships and how we’ve perfected our three-stage, full-service work process.

What Does The Software Show You?

VETTX’s priority is to provide dealerships with the right tools to effectively acquire more inventory in the private-party market, and that means our comprehensive dealership CRM needs to be intuitive to use. 

The VETTX auto dealership software allows you to manage your leads seamlessly without navigating a complicated interface. The platform allows you to manage all aspects of private-vehicle purchase, all the way down to keeping track of your notes and knowing exactly when your appointments are coming up.

We keep things simple with a comprehensive platform that provides relevant data, such as notes and upcoming appointments. The CRM is a convenient way to manage everything relating to your dealership’s:

  • Data tracking and reporting
  • Inventory data
  • Used car market and listings
  • Customer data
  • Vehicles customized to you

What Is The NIADA Accelerate Convention and Expo 2023?

NIADA is the leading convention where independent dealers can leverage solutions for financing, operations, legal, regulatory updates, employee hiring, retention, and training. Managers and F&I can hone their leadership skills, and salespeople and marketers can get insights into the latest marketing tactics and strategies.

The expo and convention is all about networking, learning, notable keynote speakers, and having fun.

NIADA Accelerate Convention and Expo 2023 Agenda

Here’s the highlights of what visitors can expect each day of the NIADA convention.  

Day 1: Monday, June 19

  • Committee Meetings
  • Leadership Lunch
  • General Membership Meeting
  • First-Timers Reception
  • 20-Group Reception
  • Welcome Reception

Day 2: Tuesday, June 20

  • Breakout Sessions
  • Dealer Welcome Lunch & Leadership Awards
  • Finance Fair
  • Keynote
  • Expo Hall Grand Opening

Day 3: Wednesday, June 21

  • PAC Breakfast
  • Expo Hall Networking Lunch
  • Service Bay A/B
  • Breakout Sessions
  • General Session
  • Expo Hall Reception

Day 4: June 22

  • Breakout Sessions
  • Service Bay
  • Foundation Vehicle Auction
  • NQD Awards Presentation
  • NQD Dinner

Who Should Attend the Conference & Expo?

Independent Dealers 

Independent dealers, such as Retail, BHPH, and LHPH Dealers, can leverage solutions for financing, operations, legal, regulatory updates, employee hiring, retention, and training. VETTX will be on hand to demonstrate its car-buying tool.

Managers and F&I 

Managers and F&I will be able to hone their leadership skills by picking up management training and best practices, finding out how to streamline and improve the F&I experience, and keeping up with industry regulations to ensure compliance and foster customer trust.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing people will learn how storytelling helps brands stand out in the crowd of car sales competition. They’ll gain insights on using data to turn leads into customers through the latest marketing strategies.

4 Reasons To Join Us at NIADA This Year


Connect with relevant dealers and vendors at any number of social events.


Accelerate your dealership after picking the brains of the nation's top minds.

Keynote Speakers

Sit in on inspirational sessions delivered by a world-class lineup.

Private-Party Acquisition Software

Gain access to industry-leading software that can thrust your dealership to the next level.

Learn More About NIADA 2023 here.

What Is The Cost of Private-Party Acquisition Software?

Because VETTX is not a cookie-cutter product, prices are customized to dealership-specific needs. We offer Standard-, Premium-, and Enterprise-level packages. Dealerships are able to customize items such as market radius, user numbers, number of markets and rooftops, and more.

NIADA is the ideal opportunity to find out about special pricing for VETTX CRM packages. You’re sure to identify one that works perfectly for your dealership.

Why VETTX? Software for Car Dealers

VETTX came about as a response to the frustration of spending hours researching in preparation for an auction, only to attend and watch prices immediately skyrocket and additional fees stack up.

Acquiring private-owner vehicles has never been so reliable and stress-free. Our software finds vehicles from private sellers in your market that fit your criteria. Then, our booking team dissects the ad, gathers contact information, and runs a vehicle history report. We use industry-standard tools to book the vehicle out and gather market-specific evaluations.

With VETTX, car dealers now have a way to acquire more used car inventory directly from private sellers without building out a dedicated BDC, chasing unqualified leads, or getting stuck with overpriced, generic vehicles from auction houses.

For more information about VETTX in the leadup to the NIADA Convention and Expo 2023, contact us here. If you would like to schedule a car-buying software demo in advance of the expo, click here.

See you at NIADA Accelerate 2023!

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