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Name a type of dealership and we've worked with them. From auto groups with dozens of rooftops to one man car lots. VETTX actually works! You can ask our clients, they will tell you that they're never going back to the old ways of acquisition.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“VETTX is the acquisition tool we've been looking for. It has everything we need to buy cars off the street, consistently, and at scale.”

Scott Robert

E-commerce Marketing Manager Lithia Hyundai of Reno

“I love VETTX because it gives me better vehicles to sell, better deals on them, and the opportunity to pass those savings on to my customers.”

Brenna Stansbury

Co-owner of Park Marina Motors

“VettX has been a great tool for our dealership to get more inventory. The VettX platform streamlines the process of buying inventory from our local pool. Myles and the team are responsive, helpful, and knowledgeable!”

Jill Yechout

Schrier Automotive

“VETTX is private party acquisition reinvented properly. There has never been a better tool that helps dealers effectively buy off the street.”

Tony Harb

CEO, Just Better Cars

“It’s like having a used car factory”

Brad Marr

GM, Chuck Patterson Toyota

"In the first 30 days, doubling the amount of good looking, clean titled vehicles at prices you would pay at the auction houses"

Nick Markosian

Owner, Markosian Auto


Learn how Royal Moore Metro Single Point Made Close to $100k in only one month using the VETTX Private Party Acquisition Platform.


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Vehicle Average Per Month

“It takes the question mark out of it. I know what I’m getting.”

Karen Wood

Royal Moore Metro Single Point


Learn how they added over $4.5 Million in gross and over 1,000 vehicles to their used car department’s bottom line with VETTX.


Vehicles Purchased


Additional Gross




Vehicle Average Per Month

“It’s safe to say that these cars gross more on the front end than cars that come from most other sources, certainly the auction. In terms of turnaround time, these cars turn more quickly on average than cars that we get from other sources.”

Tom Kilgarriff

McGovern Auto Group


Chuck Patterson Toyota is a great example of the potential that private party acquisition has for dealerships. By utilizing our platform and buying tactics, they could reduce their reliance on trade-ins, increase their Total Gross Profit for the year, and gain new customers in the process.


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“VETTX has helped us in many ways. When inventory was tight, and most of our competitors had no inventory to speak of, our lot was full. We were able to maintain over 100 used cars at all times.”

Chuck Patterson

Chuck Patterson Toyota

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2019 Toyota Tacoma sold with over $4000 ROI