Why Private Party?

With the rise of Carmax and Carvana, Chip shortages, and uncertain economic times it's no secret cars are hard to come by. If you are reading this you probably realize that auctions are way too competitive/pricy, and sitting on your hands waiting for trades is not a realistic strategy. We really want to help you combat these issues, if you’re still not sold call us we’d love to hear from you. 

Problems with Traditional Methods

Trade-ins, Auctions, Lead Generators 

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Generic & Overpriced

Too many dealers are all bidding on the same aging unit that has extremely tight margins.

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Per Car/Lead fees

Dealers have to pay buy/transport fees & sometimes a fee for every private party lead they get.

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Dependence on Market

Inventory levels are directly affected by market forces because you have a passive strategy, not an active one.

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Private Market Competition

For every deal that happens through Craiglist that's one less deal for you and two potential customers you’ll never have.

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Opportunity Cost

When neglecting private sellers you are missing out on building relationships and growing your brand awareness.

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Dealers may spend valuable time traveling to auctions, only to return empty-handed.

Why Buy Cars Off the Street?

 We're not saying to STOP everything you're doing and only buy from private sellers. All we’re saying is that it needs to be a weapon in your arsenal. The most successful dealers are aggressive and allocate resources across all active acquisition channels. 

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Better Inventory

Faster turn

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Stronger Margins

3x Front End Gross

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4 Revenue Streams

Front-end, back-end, Service, and Future buyers.

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Reduced Acquisition Costs

Up to 84% less than competitors

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Do it from your desk

Never attend an auction again.

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Trend Insights

Recognition of trends and market performance.

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Growing Client Base

Increasing network for future opportunities

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Brand Awareness

Promoting your presence in the community.

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Controlling the Market

Reducing the risk of losing deals to private sellers.

See it in Action

Discover how VETTX can supercharge your vehicle buying center. Schedule a free strategy call with our experts today and take the first step towards dominating your market.

2019 Toyota Tacoma sold with over $4000 ROI