Private Party Aggregation

Our signature aggregative technology offers access to vehicles from all major marketplaces, making it easier to acquire inventory in a challenging market. Confidently source vehicles from across the country without ever having to leave your office or compete in lane at the auction.

Tailored Search Experience

Custom Market Radius

  • VETTX clients can fully customize the exact size, location, and number of markets they want to buy from. Our customer success team can help you adjust or add a market at any time.
  • Narrow down your search with customized search settings so you can hand-pick the makes and models your looking for.
A map showing the radius from a car re-seller
Complete Listing Aggregation

Search From All Major Sources

Doesn’t matter where a vehicle is posted for sale online, it will show up within the VETTX platform.


Unlock a world of opportunities and profitability by acquiring vehicles directly from private sellers – increase your margins, access better inventory, and build lasting customer relationships.

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Better Inventory

Faster turn

Price Icon

Stronger Margins

3x Front End Gross

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4 Revenue Streams

Front-end, back-end, Service, and Future buyers.

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Reduced Acquisition Costs

Up to 84% less than competitors

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Do it from your desk

Never attend an auction again.

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Trend Insights

Recognition of trends and market performance.

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Growing Client Base

Increasing network for future opportunities

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Brand Awareness

Promoting your presence in the community.

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Controlling the Market

Reducing the risk of losing deals to private sellers.

See it in Action

Discover how VETTX can supercharge your vehicle buying center. Schedule a free strategy call with our experts today and take the first step towards dominating your market.

2019 Toyota Tacoma sold with over $4000 ROI