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Your car dealership needs to maintain adequate levels of used car inventory to meet consumer demand and drive profits for your business. However, sourcing vehicles from auction houses isn’t as profitable as it once was, and you have little control over how many trade-ins come your way each month. That’s where VETTX comes in. 

At VETTX, we know how frustrating it is to spend hours researching to prepare for an auction, only to show up and watch prices immediately skyrocket beyond reason — and that’s before you factor in the additional fees. That’s exactly why we decided to tap into the for-sale-by-owner market as a way to boost inventory in our own dealership, and this is how VETTX was born.

You shouldn’t have to rely exclusively on auctions to acquire used car inventory, and with VETTX, you no longer have to! VETTX helps car dealerships acquire a steady stream of used car inventory without attending auctions or chasing down for-sale-by-owner leads.

Our process is simple. Our software finds vehicles from private sellers in your market that fit your criteria. Then, our professional booking team dissects the ad, gathers contact information, and runs a history report on the vehicle. Our team also uses industry-standard tools to book the vehicle out and obtain market-specific evaluations.

You’ll be able to acquire more used car inventory directly from private sellers without building out a dedicated BDC, chasing unqualified leads, or getting stuck with overpriced, generic vehicles from auction houses.

Are you ready to start acquiring more vehicles to sell? Sign up for VETTX today and expand your used car inventory in as little as two weeks!

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“I've never seen anything like this in the 30 years that I've been at this store, it has changed the game for us in the car business”
“Don't sweat it, vet it. They get you the cars in your market and put them right in your driveway.”
“VETTX is private party acquisition reinvented properly. From a service side, there has never been a better tool that helps dealers effectively buy off the street.”
Tony Harb | CEO of Just Better Cars
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