How To Follow Up Effectively With Private Car Sellers

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December 29, 2020

inding a private party seller is a satisfying experience. Getting him to sell his vehicle to you is an entirely different story. Unless you learn how to follow up effectively, he will not sell his vehicle to you. This calls for strategy and patience as you make follow-ups consistently over three or four weeks. The sections below point out how to follow up without being a nuisance.


The 7 Rule of Used Car Acquisition

Do not compel the seller to offload his car in the initial contact. The first time you talk, possibly after the introductory text message, let it be a time of just letting them know you have an interest. Take some details of why they are selling the used vehicle and how attached they could be.


Ensure you contact them 6 more times after this in what is referred to as a rule of 7. This means you should not be in a hurry to acquire the used vehicle. Otherwise, you will put off the prospective seller. The next few times you call, let them know in a polite way that you are still interested. Find out if the vehicle is yet to be sold.


For each of those seven times, try to contact the seller only once weekly. These should be on different days and times, that is, if you call at 9 a.m. on a Monday the first week, the following week call at 2 p.m. on say a Thursday. Done professionally with a friendly demeanor, you should close the sale before those seven times.


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The 4 'No' Tactic

When you are making a used car acquisition, be ready to hear the word 'no' at least four times from the private seller. If the seller says he is not ready to sell, give him time. During the seven contact times above, he will have said 'no' about four times before finally accepting to sell his used car to you.

Follow-up Benefits

Employing the above strategies will work in your favor as most dealers give up after the first or second contact. Most people take a 'no' as precisely that and do not keep checking on the private sellers again.


In the course of your follow-ups, you will create a rapport and a lasting relationship with the private seller. Even though you should not mention this to him, the seller is a potential client. He can also refer others who wish to sell to or buy vehicles from your dealership in the future.


The seller's concern that you could want to have his car at the lowest possible price will be laid to rest, as he will see that you are genuine. These follow-ups show that you value him and want both of you to get the best experience.



Success With Private Party Acquisition

If done right as outlined above, follow-ups can be very fulfilling. They can build trust, cement your relationship with the seller, and portray you as genuinely professional. What's more? The used car acquisition will end up being a seamless affair.


To learn more about how we can help you close more deals through private party and scale your operations, schedule a free demo today!


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