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How To Generate Used Car Sales Leads

February 24, 2023

Our Best Tips for Generating Car Sales Leads

At times, generating car sales leads can seem difficult or expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. There are several easy methods of auto lead generation that cost much less than buying leads from costly third-party vendors. Here are our top tips for generating car sales leads on your own.

How to Get Results Yourself

Try these methods for generating car sales leads without the help of expensive auto lead vendors. 


Word of mouth is still one of the best advertising methods, so collecting referrals is an excellent strategy for generating car sales leads. Offer your current and past customers incentives to refer you to other people. 

Past Clients

If someone bought a car from you and was satisfied with the experience, they are more likely to buy another from you in the future. However, they might not be actively looking for a new car but could be open to new possibilities. Reaching out to them may be a great way to secure a sale.

Social Media

Social media platforms can bring in a lot of auto leads, but you have to be active on the platforms. Regularly check and respond to comments and messages, make posts about sales or deals, and engage with as many people as possible. 

Improve Your Website 

Many people have switched to buying cars online, so it’s crucial to have a clean website customers will find helpful. Make sure inventories are up-to-date, use SEO tools to appear in search results, and optimize your website for both computers and mobile devices. 

Gather Email Addresses

Have an option on your website for customers to enter their email addresses for free information about car buying. Many people love free things, so make sure you provide information that is interesting enough for them to want to provide an email address. 

Cold Calls

Phone calls continue to be an effective method for generating car sales leads. The more calls you make, the more likely you will find auto leads. Try to give yourself 30 minutes to an hour to make phone calls every day.

How to Increase Auto Leads Using a Car-Buying Tool

Car-buying tools such as auto dealership software can help your team keep track of leads and workflows. You can follow up with your auto leads and manage each step of the customer interaction process.

How Does the Car-Buying Tool Work?

VETTX’s car-buying tool helps dealerships avoid auctions and chasing down auto leads. Here’s how we help you find used cars. 

  • Custom software solutions. We know every dealership is different, so we created custom software to meet your dealership’s specific needs.
  • Cars that make sense for you. Enter your vehicle preferences in our car-buying tool, and we’ll find cars that meet your requirements.
  • Effortless report checks. VETTX will run the CarFax and AutoCheck on cars with a license plate or VIN to ensure you buy high-quality vehicles. 
  • Manage auto leads. With our car buying tool, you can manage auto leads and keep track of appointments.
  • Support when you need it. We’re here to answer questions and provide support to help you acquire great vehicles.

How Can a Car-Buying Tool Help Your Dealership?

Car dealership software can help you acquire used vehicles, but it can also help with your auto leads. Here’s what this software can offer.

Data Management

When it comes to generating car sales leads, keeping track of data is crucial. Dealership software helps you manage data such as sales, customer information, and auto leads. 

Manage Your Inventory

Keep track of your large inventory with the right auto software. Manage new vehicles, identify available stock, and find the cars you’re looking for in your inventory. 

Used Car Market 

When you use a car-buying tool, you no longer have to search listings to find cars you want to buy — the software can search the market for you.

Customer Data 

After generating car sales leads, keep track of your customers’ data to create meaningful connections with them. When customers feel valued and understood, they’re more likely to make a purchase. 

The Right Vehicles 

Your car-buying tool will only match you with vehicles that meet your dealership's preferences and requirements. 

How Much Does Dealership Software Cost?

The price of dealership software varies depending on the company you choose and the packages it offers. You can request a demo from VETTX to learn more about the cost of our car-buying tool.

Why VETTX? Software for Car Dealers

Our goal at VETTX is to help your dealership succeed. We offer tools and software to help you buy used vehicles, generate car sales leads, and manage data. We offer all the features your dealership needs in one easy-to-use platform. Schedule a 1-on-1 demo today to learn more. 

See it in Action

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