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Used Car Price Trends & What It Means for Dealerships

May 15, 2023

Why Are Used Car Prices Dropping & How Can Dealers Take Advantage?

Used car price trends show that the cost of used cars is dropping. These trends have created new opportunities for car dealers to take advantage of to expand their inventory. But why are used car prices going down, and why were they high in the first place? Below we’ll explore why used car prices are dropping and what that means for both dealers and shoppers.

Current State of the Used Car Market

The used car market has experienced a high demand and tight supply, which has caused an increase in prices for consumers and wholesalers. However, used car prices have been dropping over the past few months. While the prices of new vehicles have remained high, used car prices are declining. 

Why Have Used Car Prices Risen?

The main reason why used car prices have risen is supply issues. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, chip shortages and other global supply chain problems have caused a lack of new cars. The low supply of new vehicles contributed to an even larger increase in used car demand, as buyers who would otherwise buy new cars turned to used vehicles instead. As the demand for used cars grew, car prices went higher.

When Will Car Prices Drop?

Used car prices have been dropping slowly over the past several months. Supplies of chips and other car parts have increased, allowing automakers to produce and sell more new vehicles. This has taken some of the demand from the used car market. As new car inventories continue to increase, we could see a further decrease in used car prices over the next few months. 

How Inflation Is Impacting Car Sales

Inflation has been high due to high demand and low supply of vehicles over the past three years. As prices rise, the Federal Reserve has issued several interest rate hikes in an attempt to bring inflation down. Higher interest rates on auto loans mean car buyers will spend more money over the lifetime of their loans. This has made many people hesitant to purchase cars unless absolutely necessary.

Inflation has also led to an increase in the cost of living, which has had a negative impact on the used car market. Because people spend more on essential goods and services, they have smaller budgets for car payments. 

What Used Car Shoppers Can Expect

Shoppers can expect used car prices to continue to decrease over the next few months. With an increase in the production of new cars, many people will switch back to looking at new vehicles instead of used ones. 

How Can Dealerships Take Advantage of the Used Car Market?

There are several ways for dealerships to take advantage of the used car market to drive sales and grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Expand inventory. With used car prices dropping, now is an excellent time to expand your inventory and stock up on quality used vehicles.
  • Focus on customer service. Offer competitive pricing and financing options, and provide accurate vehicle information. 
  • Use technology. Several tools, such as private-party acquisition software [link to What is a Private Party Acquisition Platform blog], are available to help your dealership streamline operations. 

Best Auto-Buying Alternatives to Auctions for Car Dealers

Car dealerships have several options for buying used cars other than auctions. These include trade-ins, wholesale dealerships, and rental car companies. However, private-party acquisition software is one of the best options because it lets dealers find and purchase vehicles directly from sellers. With this software, you can access a broader range of vehicles that might not be available through traditional auctions or trade-ins, including cars that are high in demand or have unique features. 

Private-party acquisition software simplifies the buying process by providing dealers with a list of potential sellers in the area. It can save time by reducing the need to spend resources on acquiring cars through other channels.

Benefits of Private-Party Acquisition Software

Private-party acquisition software is a used car dealership software [Link to Benefits of Used Car Dealership Software blog] that is helping dealers throughout the used car market be more successful. Here are some of its benefits.

  • Expand your inventory. You can buy high-quality used cars that may not be available through auctions or trade-ins.
  • Competitive advantage. With a wider range of vehicles, you’ll have an advantage over other used car dealerships with a smaller inventory.
  • Streamlined buying process. Private-party acquisition software can save you time and resources by letting you buy directly from sellers instead of through other channels.
  • Better customer experience. With a large inventory, you can offer your customers more options that meet their specific needs and preferences.
  • Better inventory management. Private-party acquisition software helps you manage inventory by tracking sales data and identifying which vehicles are in high demand.

Take a Look Into How VETTX Can Launch Your Inventory

With VETTX, you can easily manage and track your inventory, allowing you to stay on top of your stock levels and make informed purchasing decisions. The software also provides real-time data on your inventory, allowing you to track sales and identify which vehicles are in high demand. You’ll also have access to various marketing and advertising tools that can help you reach a wider audience and sell your cars quickly.

Schedule a demo to learn more about how VETTX can help you achieve greater success in the used car market. 

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