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February 28, 2023

f you’re familiar with VettX, you know that we offer an intuitive platform that helps you effortlessly expand your used car inventory and gain dealership insights through predictive data analytics. But with our new V4 software for used car dealers — things just got better. Now, we’re bringing you even more time-saving features to simplify acquisitions further, give you greater control of your inventory, and improve customer service. 

Let’s dive into what’s new with our used car dealership software and how it can benefit your business.

What Is Version 4 of Our Used Car Dealership Software?

Version 4 of VettX’s software for dealerships offers all the same features you already know and love but with some exciting additions. A few of the new capabilities include a customizable search radius, price tracking, inventory controls, contract keeping, and more. We’ll discuss these in greater depth below.

Keep Track of Prices and Contracts

Price tracking is a highly sought-after feature in used car dealership software. This function enables you to set up price filters and notifications so that if a new vehicle is posted within your desired price range and search radius, you’ll be immediately notified and can be among the first to check out the car before it’s swept up. You can also keep track of contracts and know which vehicles are in the purchasing stages at all times.

Set a Custom Search Radius

Our search radius feature is not new, but historically, it only allowed dealerships to set a maximum radius of 30 miles or less. With V4 of our software for used car dealers, you can set the radius out as far as you want so you can broaden your search and find more available vehicles to expand your inventory. 

Keep Track of Notes

As internal teams track purchasing progress of vehicles, they can keep all their notes in one central location. This keeps everyone on the same page and prevents miscommunication and lost documentation.

Marketing & Analytics 

The VettX app is data-driven; all vehicles and purchases you’ve made yield valuable data that can be used to generate reports. These reports can then be used to identify trends in sales and guide future acquisitions. Your dealership data insights can also be shared among employees, external parties, or your company as a whole to improve processes and decisions.

Control Your Inventory 

As a dealership, having control over your inventory is critical to your profitability. Version 4 of our used car dealership software allows you to set up alerts so that, when your inventory is low in a specific vehicle type, a notification is triggered when that type of vehicle becomes available in your area. The app can also identify where available parts are located. 

Scheduled Pickup

When it’s time to pick up newly acquired vehicles, VettX can help you make arrangements for pickup. We ensure that the entire process flows smoothly from start to finish.

Version 4 Benefits 

Here are just a few of the ways VettX V4 can improve your operations.

Improved Customer Service

As you use our software for dealerships to predict consumer demand and keep your inventory stocked, you’ll be able to improve your customer service and satisfaction rates, thereby creating loyal brand advocates who will trust you for their future vehicle purchases.

Improve Productivity

With VettX, dealerships are more productive. You no longer have to waste time in your day tracking down available vehicles or monitoring your area manually. VettX keeps track of prices, contracts, analytics, and inventory for you, giving you time back in your day to focus on the most important aspects of your job.

Drive Smart Decision-Making With Insights & Reporting

It’s challenging to make informed decisions without data to guide you. VettX provides a wealth of data to draw from so you can know exactly what types of vehicles to stock up on and when to purchase them. 

VettX Software Overview 

At VettX, we understand how inconvenient it is for dealerships to rely on auctions to acquire new used car inventory, and we knew there had to be a better way — so we made it happen. We created software to save dealerships time and hassle by automating aspects of acquisitions, so they no longer have to chase down for-sale-by-owner leads or attend lengthy auctions where they may be outbid.

Our software for dealerships is fairly simple. It locates vehicles from private sellers that fit your price range, make and model criteria, and search radius. Then, our booking team looks at the vehicle history and uses industry tools to get market evaluations. We do the heavy lifting and boOKthe vehicle, so you can acquire more inventory directly without wasting effort or money.

Forecast Inventory

One of the most helpful features of VettX is that, as you use it over time, it will provide you with the data to know when you might need more of a certain car. With these forecasting abilities, this software for dealerships leaves little to guesswork and helps you make acquisitions with confidence.

Evaluate Sales

Dealerships love that VetX integrates with their commonly used CRMs. This integration helps them gain greater visibility into the sales process and inventory data. The data can show which cars the sales team sells most so they can anticipate demand moving forward. 

Centralize Your Information 

As you integrate VettX with your CRM, you enjoy the convenience of having all your information on one platform. Not only does this centralize your data, but it also ensures a higher level of data security; because it is housed in one place rather than being spread across several systems and locations, you only need to manage the security of a single platform.

Next Steps: VettX Software for Used Car Dealers

If you aren’t yet a VettX user, we can’t wait to show you how our easy-to-use used car dealership software can quickly expand your inventory and revolutionize the way you do business. Get in touch with us today to request a demo

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