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Auto Success Executive Spotlight with Corey Abel

June 4, 2024
Auto Success Executive Spotlight with Corey Abel

Corey shares strategies for dealerships to enhance used vehicle acquisition through private-party purchases, boosting inventory, brand awareness and profitability.

By AutoSuccess Staff Writers

In the latest AutoSuccess Executive Spotlight, host Brian Ankney chats with Corey Abel from VETTX about strategies for dealerships to secure the right used vehicles. Corey emphasizes the importance of private-party acquisition, noting that 40% of car sales happen in the private sector. He advises dealerships to build dedicated buy teams to engage directly with private sellers, which not only supplements inventory but also boosts brand awareness and customer relationships.

Tune into the full interview for more insights on transforming your dealership’s inventory strategy through private-party acquisitions.

Watch the video above to learn more about this and more!

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